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Every decision we make is determined by our mission, only carefully selected onesregional cultivateable raw materials to process and produce products of the highest quality. The unique raw material quality from the untouched nature of our Joglland mountain region enables a greatsymbiosis between regional organic farming and our “N(at)ur für Dich” products.

Immerse yourself in the world
our raw materials!


HO Sunflower

The basis of our care products is a special sunflower cultivation. With up to over 90%Oleic acid owns their oil wonderfulProperties for your care products.

It is cultivated and harvested in the Holzer organic farm in Wenigzell in the middle of Joglland. The high-quality raw material grows approx. 1.5 km away from the natural products laboratory in Wenigzell, where the  The development and production of our special products takes place.


A variety of substances that are active in the body ensure thishealing effect of mountain lavender in its different forms of application. From a medical point of view, among other things: The antiseptic effect of lavender oil also describes many possible uses.


Mountain lavender has long enjoyed an excellent reputation. The Romans already used it, and in the Middle Ages it was also considered a miracle cure.

The essential oil is mainly used, but it is also successfully used as a remedy in dried form or as lavender water.


common evening primrose

The fatty oil of the common evening primrose is one of the few oilswhich has an exceptional content of Linoleic acid and a significant content of ϒ-linolenic acid having.Evening primrose oil isfrom this Reason an excellent active oil.

The ingredients are particularly effective on skin that is sensitive to irritationsoothing and for dry and flaky skinspecialpharmaceutical significanceThis wonderful oil plant is cultivated at the Fast organic farm, which is located

is only 2.4 km away from the Wenigzell Natural Products Laboratory.

sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn pulp oil, our "secret all-rounder", is obtained in the unique sea buckthorn gardens of the Sandicca company, not far from our natural products laboratory in Wenigzell. We source this raw material, which is predominantly cultivated by hand and is characterized by the following properties: 3.5 km away from the production site of “N(at)ur Für Dich” products:

  • Protection against free radicals as well as UV rays & Pigment balancing

  • Strengthening the skin's defense and protective mechanisms

  • Protection of elastic and collagen fibers in connective tissue

  • Prevention of wrinkle formation or smoothing of existing wrinkles
    the so-called “skin repair effect”

  • Shedding of dead skin cells & Tightening of skin tissue


hemp seed oil

Hemp oil is characterized by its special propertiesCare properties out of. Due to the molecular structure, which results from the polyunsaturated fatty acids, it has very good sliding properties, which make the cosmetics very skin and hair friendly.


The oil is particularly suitable for rough,  inflammatory and flaky skin. It belongs to the group of drying oils and so you usually only add a small proportion of it to mixtures with other vegetable oils. Hemp oil provides an excellent softener for skin and hair (Roth and Kormann 2000).

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