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natural products laboratory

In the middle of natural sources of raw materials


From the plant
to the product

Our high-tech natural materials laboratory in the middle of the natural raw material sources of the  Jogllandes is a professional link between high-quality regional raw materials and our “N(at)ur Für Dich” products.


In the Wenigzell natural products laboratory, processes for the careful extraction of active ingredients are developed. Valuable oils, secondary plant active ingredients as well as emulsifiers and active ingredient transporters can be carefully extracted on site.

From the extraction of the active ingredients to the production of our “N(at)ur Für Dich” products, only local raw materials are used. Every step from nature to the product takes place in the middle of the gently hilly Joglland.

highly qualified team

Our experienced biologists, chemists, food and biotechnologists as well as process engineers carefully develop and produce your "N(at)ur Für Dich" products

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